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Kefalonia Sights

Kefalonia Island - See Sights !!

The beaches of the island are unique and magical with wonderful gold, red or white sand, blue transparent or green emerald waters along with the presence of the green slopes and the sea breeze of the Ionian Sea. We suggest you from swimming, playing and relaxation the sandy beaches in Emplisi, in Mirto, in Antisamo, in Makri Gialo, in Ammes, in Ai Heli, in Agia Pelagia, in Spartia, in Agio Thoma, in Lourda, in Karavomilo, in Agia Kiriaki, in Fiskardo, in Xi and the Akrotiri in Petanous.

Myrtos Beach

Petani Beach

Xi Beach

Adisamos Beach

Platis Gialos

Makris Gialos

Skala Beach

Karavomilos Lake

Pesada Beach

Spartia Beach

Drogarati's Cave

Melisani's Lake

Argostoli is where a number of the most attractive Venetian attractions are situated.
Visitors will also find plenty to see within the villages and resorts of Assos, Fiskardo and Sami, which each have something quite different to offer in the way of tourist attractions. Don't forget to visit drocarati's cave and the lake of Melisani.

Historical Museum

Korialenios library

Central theater



Drapanos stone bridge

The lake of Koutavos

sea board

Monument Pesodon




The Monastery of Saint Gerasimos is definitely one of the sights that attract visitors across the world. Try to combine your visit with one of the two days of the celebrations of the Saint. The other monasteries across the island worth your visit as well.

Mountain of Ainos

Robola wine Production

St. Georges castle

Mycenaean graves of Mazarakata

St. Gerasimos Monastery

St. Adreas Monastery

Monastery of Markopoulo

St. Monastery of Sisia

Before you leave the island and return to the daily routine, don't forget to buy the famous honey from Thymari, wonderful Robola wine, bread-rolls with aniseed, rozoalia, tangerine drinks, orgeat, the local salted-cockle, the candy with almonds "the mandoles" and embroideries made from strings of leaves.

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