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Kefalonia Getting Here

Kefalonia Island - How you will get here

By Airplane :

Many charter flights arrive every day at Kefalonia airport, from May to October and from all major airports of the UK and NW Europe countries.

Book flights direct to Kefalonia from UK airports :
Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardif, London, Dublin, Manchester, Newcastle.
Book flights direct to Kefalonia from IT airports :
Milan, Pisa, Venice, Bari, Napoli, Verona
Book flights direct to Kefalonia from AU airports :
Vienna, Innsbruck, Graz

airplane kefalonia

Also there are flights to Kefalonia from Amsterdam, Saint Petersburg
There are daily flights directly from Athens.
Also are executed flights from Zante, Corfu, Preveza, Heraklion, Kythera, Igoumenitsa and Salonika.

Get the best price, combine airlines and save money :
- Petas.gr


_Low Cost Charters from UK :
_thomson_olympic airways avro
_flythomascool monarch xl airways__

_Low Cost Charters from Austria & Germany :
_austrian ainesir__lauda airlines _ norwagian

_Low Cost Charters from Holland :

_Low Cost Charters from Italy :
_easyjet logo__ryanair__ vueling volotea___mistralair

_Low Cost Charters from Russia :

_Low Cost Charters from Norway and Sewden :
_norwegian____apollo____ novair

All year round there are airlines serving Kefalonia :

olympic airlines


sky express

By Ferries - Boats :

You can come with Ferries-Boats that execute the itineraries:

- Patra(Peloponneso) - Sami(Kefalonia)
ionian ferries
- Killini (Peloponneso) - Poros & Argostoli (Kefalonia)
kefalonian lines________ionian ferries
- Prevesa , Zante, Ithaka, Lefkada - Cefalonia

west ferry ---ionion pelagos

ferries kefalonia

For the ferry journey you can gather information or book on line at:
- Ferries-Booking
- Marinetraffic

Also Cheap tickets you can find at

__Ferries from Italy to Kefalonia :
__Bari (Italy) - Êefalonia (Greece)
___ventouris ferries
__Brindisi (Italy) - Kefalonia (Greece)
endeavor lines European SeaWays
__Ferries from Italy to Patra :
__ Ancona (Italy) - Patrasso (Greece)
minoan linesanek
____superfast ferriesblue star ferries
__Venice (Italy) - Patrasso (Greece)
minoan linesanek
__Bari (Italy) - Patrasso (Greece)
superfastblue star ferries



By Bus :

bus kefalonia ktel

Athens-Kylini (by bus) : The distance between Athens and Kylini is 276 km and the trip lasts 4.5 hours.
There is service from Kylini, all year round, to:
Kylini - Poros (Kefalonia) (by F/B) : Duration of trip: 1.5 hours.
Kylini - Argostoli (Kefalonia) (by F/B) : Duration of trip: 2.45 hours.
Athens - Patra (by bus) : The distance between Athens and Patra is 204 km and the trip lasts 3.0 hours.
There is service from Patra, all year round, to:
Patra - Sami (Kefalonia) (by F/B) : Duration of trip: 2.45 hours.

There is daily KTEL service (leaving from the station of Suburban buses, 100 Kifissou str, Athens) to Patra.

For Information about timetable, visit Ktel Kefallonias

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