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Kefalonia Info

Kefalonia Island - Your ideal destination !!

Kefalonia is the largest island in the Ionian Sea and sixth in size in Greece. It is located between the islands of Lefkada and Zakynthos and across the Corinthian Gulf. The deep blue sea, the golden sandy beaches, the unique dreamy caves, the rocky mountains and the traditional settlements with their picturesque ness and grandeur of the past will be the ideal scenery of your holidays in the island of Kefalonia.
It is only 35klm from mainland Greece and 30 klm from the coasts of Peloponnese; it covers an area of 781 square klm and a coastline of 254 klm. "Argostoli", the capital of Kefalonia, despite the fact that it was ruined by earthquakes in 1953, it was built all over again with respect to its former architecture and now is a very beautiful town with spacious squares and imposing buildings that follow the renowned tradition.
The inhabitants of the island are occupied with wine making, agriculture, fishing and the tourism. Its population is about 40.000.

In the island, there is the big mountain range of Enos. The mountain Enos offers a unique and magical view of the plains of the island, of the beautiful graphic villages and of the blue sea of the Ionian Sea.

The beaches of the island are unique and magical with wonderful gold, red or white sand, blue transparent or green emerald waters along with the presence of the green slopes and the sea breeze of the Ionian Sea. We suggest you from swimming, playing and relaxation the sandy beaches in Emplisi, in Mirto, in Antisamo, in Makri Gialo, in Ammes, in Ai Heli, in Agia Pelagia, in Spartia, in Agio Thoma, in Lourda, in Karavomilo, in Agia Kiriaki, in Fiskardo, in Xi and the Akrotiri in Petanous.

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Before you leave the island and return to the daily routine, don't forget to buy the famous honey from Thymari, wonderful Robola wine, bread-rolls with aniseed, rozoalia, tangerine drinks, orgeat, the local salted-cockle, the candy with almonds "the mandoles" and embroideries made from strings of leaves.
The food in the island is rich in taste with many choices in every village, small town or touristic centre. The island is offered for summer excursions in the natural beauties of the island with its kind inhabitants. We suggest you for your summer vacations the island of Kefalonia and the wonderful Ionian Sea.

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The Weather at Kefalonia

Kefalonia features a Mediterranean climate and is an enchanting island, lying off the western shoreline of mainland Greece. Surrounded by the Ionian Sea, the island of Kefalonia offers hot summer sunshine, when the weather is perfect for those looking to top up their suntan and participate in water sports.
Summer highs in Kefalonia can exceed 32oC / 90oF, particularly during July and August, when rain is virtually unheard of. Kefalonia's winter climate is also enticing, when daytime temperatures often reach 15oC / 59F or more, with only an average rainfall.

The average annual daytime temperatures on Kefalonia are around 22oC / 71oF.
Kefalonia Climate Description: Mediterranean climate
Kefalonia Island Airport (EFL) Location:
Northern Hemisphere, Greece
Annual High/Low Daytime Temperatures : 38/9°C


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